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Visa Processing Center.Providing Solutions

ConnectionPlus  is your Personal Dedicated Visa & Travel Specialists, focused on offering you the best, integral and stress free experience.

            Even the most carefully planned vacation or business trip may be disturbed by some troublesome circumstances which involve visa obtaining, preparing all the necessary documents and filling the forms. Connection Plus is pleased to offer our customers professional visa support and arranging supporting documents (translation and legalization in the consulate if necessary).

             Our goal is  to support our clients who came to visit Singapore and those who want to travel to Russia, China, India, Korea and other countries.

             Our main business approach is customer satisfaction and trust. Among our advantages are mobility, experience and flexibility. Even the most complicated cases are solvable with professional and responsive team.

             We can deliver the approved documents to your office and provide you with all the important information regarding visa processing and step by step preparation of data so that the possibility of rejection or delay of visa obtaining would be prevented.  


Our Services:


  • Visa To Russia
  • Visa To China
  • Visa To India
  • Visa To Japan
  • Visa To Taiwan
  • Visa To Ukraine
  • Visa To Uzbekistan
  • Other countries


  • Document authentication (legalization)
  • Apostille certification
  • Legalization of signature, authentication of notary 





  • Invitation to Russia


  • Spesialists and GP Refferal&Appointment
  • Health screening services 


  • Company Incorporation Services